Death Note 2017

A young man comes to possess a supernatural notebook, the Death Note, that grants him the power to kill any person simply by writing down their name on the pages. He then decides to use the notebook to kill criminals and change the world, but an enigmatic detective attempts to track him down and end his reign of terror.

Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God 2009

Yagami Light is an ace student with great prospects, who's bored out of his mind. One day he finds the "Death Note": a notebook from the realm of the Death Gods, with the power to kill people in any way he desires. With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create his perfect world, without crime or criminals. However, when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorites send the legendary detective L to track down the killer, and a battle of wits, deception and logic ensues...this was aired on Japanese tv shortly after the death note anime was completed, this special basically re-cuts the first 26 episodes of the series into a two hour movie with some new scenes and dialogue added and the story is seen from ryuk's viewpoint.

The Christmas Note 2015

Having just moved back to her hometown without her serviceman husband but with her young son, Gretchen Daniels finds her life in disarray as Christmas approaches. But she discovers new purpose when she helps to deliver a message to her neighbor, Melissa, which makes her an ally in the quest to find the neighbor's sibling she never knew she had. The women become bonded not only by the search, but by the understanding that being there for each other means they're no longer alone. This friendship becomes the greatest Christmas gift of their lives. Based on a bestselling novel by Donna VanLiere.

High Note 1960

The sheet music for Johann Strauss' "The Blue Danube" is constructed by moving musical symbols. A baton-toting conductor note tries to direct his fellow notes in performing this musical piece, but finds that one of the notes has become drunk after being inside the sheet music for "Little Brown Jug". The drunken note staggers goofily on the staves for the music of "The Blue Danube" and is chased by the conductor.

The Note 2007

Newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder (Genie Francis) finds a note addressed simply to 'T', washed up on shore. It appears to be from the victim of a recent plane crash, and carries a message of hope and forgiveness from a father to his child. MacGruder's readership is down on her column (called "Heart Healer"), and the paper is going to dump it unless she starts to write from the heart.

The Million Pound Note 1954

An impoverished American sailor is fortunate enough to be passing the house of two rich gentlemen who have conceived the crazy idea of distributing a note worth one million pounds. The sailor finds that whenever he tries to use the note to buy something, people treat him like a king and let him have whatever he likes for free. Ultimately, the money proves to be more troublesome than it is worth when it almost costs him his dignity and the woman he loves.

Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes 2018

The film explores the vision behind the iconic American jazz record label. Since 1939, Blue Note artists have been encouraged to push creative boundaries in search of uncompromising expressions. Through current recording sessions, rare archive and conversations with iconic Blue Note artists, the film reveals an intimate perspective of a legacy that continues to be vital in today’s political climate.

Death Note: Another Note 2012

This unofficial film recounts the time the detective L worked with FBI agent Naomi Misora to stop a violent serial killer, who makes his murders look like suicides. The murderer turns out to be one of the original children raised to succeed L in his detective work: B, who calls himself "Beyond Birthday", or BB.

Ghost Note 2017

An immortal blues musician terrorizes childhood sweethearts reunited over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Suicide Note 2016

Ambitious psych major Molly White is on top of the world as she preps for her grad program entry exams. After celebrating with boyfriend Brady, Molly finds her roommate Emma crying after an incident she had with her boyfriend Adam. The next morning, Molly is shocked to learn that Emma jumped from the roof late that night, leaving a suicide note behind. Refusing to believe that Emma would do such a thing, Molly starts having haunting dreams over Emma’s death. Driven to uncover the truth about what happened to Emma, Molly begins to search for answers positioning herself in harm’s way.

The Blue Note 1991

Andrzej Zulawski's La Note Bleue can be called an event. This is probably the first time that a director has, in all humility, treated the life of a composer – Chopin in this instance – without sacrificing any of his ambitions as a filmmaker. In others words, not for a single moment does he attempt to appropriate or put to his own use the music he is filming. He directs it, and perhaps illustrates it, but in no way reduces it. In La Note Bleue the music therefore serves neither as an excuse nor as a foil. It quite simply is. Invisible by nature, and yet terribly present. Mazurka, Nocturne, Funeral March... Notes heard time and again, but which here regain all their strength, ardor, and virtuosity. New notes altogether, it might seem, and yet profoundly melancholy. Paul Claudel declared "the eye can listen." La Note Bleue proves him to be right, whispering to us that the "ear can see."

1000 Rupee Note 2016

Poor Parobudhi receives a thousand rupee note from a politician at an election rally. However, she has no idea about the kind of trouble she just got into. Ek Hazarachi Note is an encouraging tale of humanity against money.

Note to Self 2012

Curtis King, a handsome and popular student athlete, may know his way around the court, but his heart still needs a game plan. When he decides to keep a journal to give his life a new direction, the path leads him straight to the love he needed most.

Note One 1968

A study of my parents in grey and white. An evening film. My mother lights the sabbath candles, cooks, crochets, sleeps, talks to father reading the paper – we are together. This is the first completed note.

Love Note 1987

Two high school students, one with terminal cancer the other with no direction in life, come to terms with themselves and each other.

Lost Note 1969

Saul Levine began Lost Note as a love poem to his wife but before he finished the film everything had changed. This film is all that was left – 68/69 was a period of violent transition for many. The film was formally challenging, editing footage with in-camera superimpositions and cutting b&w with color.

High Note 2019

Best friends Cliff and Otis plan to get rich quick by stealing from some of the most dangerous foes in the business: drug dealers. Going against the plan, the two spend the night partying, allowing the audience to see that, in a certain light, the "bad guys" weren't really all that bad to begin with. Simply put, this film is just your everyday druggie, dramedy, indie musical that's filled with Germans, Jesus, banjos, bongos, beers, and bongs.

Death Note 2006

Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects—and he’s bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But will Light succeed in his noble goal, or will the Death Note turn him into the very thing he fights against?

Sick Note 2017

When Daniel Glass is misdiagnosed with a fatal disease he begins to notice how everyone around him treats him better. But then he finds out he was misdiagnosed by the most incompetent oncologist on Earth and now he has a big decision to make: come clean and go back to his old rubbish life, or keep pretending to be ill.

Telepathy Shōjo Ran Jiken Note 2008

Telepathy Shōjo Ran Jiken Note is a novel series by Atsuko Asano. A manga adaptation by Toshitsugu Iida is serialized in the shōnen manga magazine Shōnen Sirius. A twenty-six-episode anime adaptation aired in Japan between June 21 and December 20, 2008. It is being produced by TMS Entertainment and was broadcast by NHK.

The Mary Van Note Show

The Mary Van Note Show is an American television and web series, which airs on the IFC in the United States. Mary Van Note is an eccentric girl on a quest to win the heart of her one true love, Gavin Newsom, San Francisco's mayor. Each episode takes her one step closer to winning him over. The episodes each run about three to four minutes long, and in that time viewers see Mary do everything from selling conversation for five cents to creating a restaurant in her home as a makeshift setting for dates. The show is produced and filmed in San Francisco.

Death Note 2015

Light Yagami is an ordinary university student. One day, he receives a death note which changes his life. The death note awakens his warped sense of justice and genius. He becomes murderer Kira and punishes criminals. L is a well known private detective. L appears in front of Light Yagami. L defines Kira as evil and decides to catch Kira. Then N, who has a beautiful appearance but dangerous existence, appears.

Hinako Note 2017

Born and raised in the countryside of Japan, Hinako "Hina" Sakuragi gets anxious easily when she talks to new people—so much so that she resembles a stiff scarecrow. To overcome this, Hina hopes to get involved in theater, inspired by a play she saw during her school's field trip. So, Hina moves into the Hitotose Manor in the bustling city of Tokyo to study at Fujiyama High School, aspiring to join the school's renowned theatre club. But to Hina's dismay, she learns that Fujiyama High's theatre club has been on a lengthy hiatus. Having already come to Tokyo and enrolled in the school, Hina is at a loss for what to do next. Sensing her disappointment and eagerness to learn theatre, Chiaki Hagino, the landlady of Hitotose Manor, encourages Hina to create a troupe with the residents of Hitotose Manor as its members. Hinako Note follows Hina as she begins a new life in Tokyo attending Fujiyama High while learning the ropes of theatre with the support of her friends along the way.

Kiss Note 2012

If I write his name on the 'Kiss Note', I'll get a chance to kiss him???

Death Note: New Generation 2016

The miniseries focuses on the three new lead characters of the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World: Tsukuru Mishima, Ryuzaki, and Yuki Shien. Each episode provides backstory for one of the characters and bridges the 10-year gap between the previous films, which canonically took place in 2005-2006, and the new film taking place in 2016.

Grimms Notes: The Animation 2019

The story takes place in a world created by a beings known as "Story Tellers." At birth, all inhabitants of this world are bestowed with a "book of fate" where all their lives are written in advance. However, rogue Story Tellers known as Chaos Tellers are writing bad events into people's books without them knowing. It is up to the holders of blank books of fate to seek out the Chaos Tellers and restore the world.

A Young Doctor's Notebook 2012

A young doctor who has graduated at the top of his class from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry is thrust out into an isolated and impoverished country side as the village's only doctor. As he learns to adapt to his new lifestyle, he develops a morphine addiction to stay his sanity while realizing what being a doctor in the real world means.

Sweet Revenge 2017

A teenager gets her hands on a note that enacts revenges on anyone whose name is written on it.

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