Shahji Ki Advice 2006

This movie will definitely tickle your funny bone as Jaspal Bhatti brings a very unusual consultancy. This is a consultancy that offers unusual solutions to everyday problems and extraordinary solutions to unusual problems. In short keep laughing your way to health.

Legal Advice 1916

A pretty lawyer comes to town and the cowboys make fools of themselves trying to impress her. Tom decides to get himself arrested so he can be released into her custody, but during the trial her husband arrives.

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Sound Advice

Analog-Style Synthesis and Digital Effects explained and explored Featuring Dave Polich Running almost 9 hours the program explores every voice programming and effects parameter on the world-beating Yamaha Motif ES, offering unique insights into this rarely seen world at the hands of senior sound designer Dave Polich. Although based around the Motif ES, Sound Advice translates seamlessly to any model in the Motif range (the 'Classic', Racks, MO series, or the Motif XS/XF) and indeed can be applied to any hardware or software synth platform made in the past ten years that employs waveforms and 'analog-style' filters, envelope generators, LFOs etc, along with the now customary basket of digital effects.

Deadly Advice 1994

Mother rules the house with an iron hand and has such power over her daughters that they see themselves as becoming old unmarried, maids. Jodie has feelings for the local doctor, a man much older than her, for which her mother strongly disapproves. Beth finds a relationship with a male stripper in Bristol, but sees nothing in the future with Mother around. While both girls would like to be rid of Mother, nothing happens until Jodie sees images of H. R. Armstrong, the man who put the town on the map by dispatching his un-loving wife

Advice to the Lovelorn 1933

Los Angeles newspaper reporter Toby Prentiss is continually in trouble with his editor. He is demoted to running the paper's "Miss Lonelyhearts" advice column because he missed the scoop on a major earthquake whilst out on the town. Determined to be fired from the column he starts to give crazy advice to the readers, but this only makes him even more popular.

A Fool's Advice 1932

An elevator operator invents a machine that he believes can help to defeat a corrupt politician in the city's upcoming mayoral election.

Advice From a Caterpillar 1999

When it comes to romance, Missy's attitude has always been whatever. After all, her artistic career is flourishing...her spacious New York City loft is fabulous...and her relationship with a married man is totally uncomplicated-what more could a modern girl want? But then Missy meets Brat, who's sweet, genuine and shares her fondness for 70's sitcoms. Unfortunately, he's also dating her pal Spaz. When Missy and Brat unexpectedly fall for each other, will she lose her identity...and her best friend? No matter how far you run, true love always finds you.

The Given Advice

The movie is about a 15 years old depressed boy who meets an old man when he goes to a park. Meeting him he gets to learn some life lessons and he thinks those lessons change his life and one of the advice from those life lessons could bring him inner peace of mind for lifetime.

Home: Life Advice 2010

Short - In a retirement home, a seedy old man gives life advice to an innocent orderly, as she dresses him. She takes the advice to heart, only to be scorned by another senior. - Stewart Haddon, Esther Maloney, Harriet Sherman

Advice to the Lovelorn 1981

A failed pilot for a series centering on Maggie Dale, an advice columnist. This was somewhat in the tradition of shows like Fantasy Island. When she receives a letter, the writer's situation is played out for us, then she writes her advice and the writer reads her response and does his/her best to act upon it.

Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets

In the emotionally charged, wild and humorous world of sixteen year old James Whitman, his struggle to overcome anxiety and depression involve seeking advice from Dr. Bird - a giant imaginary pigeon therapist.

Take My Advice: The Ann and Abby Story 1999

Biography of feuding advice columnist twins, Ann Landers and Abby Van Buren, starts with their early lives in Sioux City, Iowa when they were known as Esther and Pauline through their double wedding and follows them into their columnist successes. However, much of the film also concentrates on their personal and professional feuds that ran the course of their lives. Written by John Sacksteder

Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs On the Road 2007

A portrait of the American Beat Generation writer William S. Burroughs (1914-1997) based on never-before-seen footage from his visit to Denmark in October 1983, and from his later years in Lawrence, Kansas. After having spent more than a quarter of a century outside of the United States, in Mexico, Tangier, Paris and London, Burroughs returned to New York in 1974. Shortly after, he began touring and reading his work to new generations of readers and thus establishing himself as a cult figure. The film focuses on Burroughs' unique talent as a performer, and on his later work, especially what is known as The Last Trilogy. In addition to the historic footage there are new interviews with friends and colleagues.

Mr. Kuka's Advice 2008

Dwudziestoparoletni Waldemar postanawia wyjechać na wakacje, by trochę pozwiedzać, a także poszukać sezonowej pracy. Zwraca się po radę do swego sąsiada, pana Kuki - w przeszłości turysty zarobkowego. Pan Kuka o krajach Zachodu wie więcej niż niejeden przewodnik. Za jego namową, Waldemar decyduje się na podróż do Wiednia. Pełen entuzjazmu, z plecakiem obładowanym konserwami staje przed poleconym przez Kukę autobusem. Spotyka go jednak niespodzianka - pojazd to rozlatujący się grat, w dodatku pełen pseudoturystów, przemycających do Austrii wędzoną kiełbasę i wódkę.

Tora-san's Easy Advice 1994

Mitsuo, unhappy in his new job as a shoe salesman, is invited to a festival and is introduced to a friend’s sister. Tora-san meanwhile helps an injured housewife on her yearly vacation.

No Advice Taken 1958

A comical love story between two college students — Hitomi, a strong-willed girl, and Shogo, a handsome, earnest and poverty stricken man.

Good Advice 1993

Good Advice is an American situation comedy series that aired for two seasons on CBS from 1993 to 1994. It was co-created and executive produced by Danny Jacobson and Norma Safford Vela; and starred Shelley Long and Treat Williams. The Show was a hit, but it was cancelled because Long had suffered health problems that made her unable to film any new episodes for a long period of time.

The Advice 2013

A Norwegian television show where they give people advice based on what some of the viewers have asked.

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