Capital 2015

Set on a single street in South London, Capital is a portrait of a road transformed by soaring property prices: what was once the home of modest lower-middle class families, Pepys Road has been continuously gentrified into a street of multimillion pound houses. On one day, the people of this South London street all receive an anonymous postcard with the simple message 'we want what you have'. Its unsettling ripples affect every corner of the community.

Capital News 1990

Capital News is a short-lived American drama series that aired on ABC in 1990. Starring Lloyd Bridges and Helen Slater, Capital News was created by David Milch and Christian Williams.

Capital City 1989

Capital City was a television show produced by Euston Films which focused on the lives of investment bankers in London living and working on the corporate trading floor for the fictional international bank Shane-Longman. Despite its short run in the UK, it was rebroadcast on UKTV Gold as well as a handful of PBS stations in the United States and starred a number of now well known faces. The music for the series was composed by the Colin Towns and enjoyed some success in its own right.

Capital D

Capital D is an Irish television programme broadcast on RTÉ One. It was first broadcast in 2005. Presented by Anne Cassin, the programme focuses on human interest stories and cultural events in the Dublin area, serving as a more specific counterpart to the Nationwide programme, which focuses on issues throughout Ireland. Each programme typically includes at least three topics over a thirty minute period, each introduced by the presenter with no commercial breaks. Amongst the features that have been included in the programme are a landscaping company, a football club and a wrestler. The theme music is "Brewing Up a Storm" by The Stunning. The show is usually broadcast on Thursday evenings at 19:00; however one edition aired on Sunday 9 November 2008. Specials during Christmas have also been broadcast. RTÉ announced that it would not be on the schedules for 2012, with presenter Anne Cassin moving to Nationwide.

Capital Gang

Capital Gang was a weekly political talk show on CNN. It aired on Saturday evenings at 7 p.m. ET. The original panel was Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak, Al Hunt, and Mark Shields. Mona Charen and Margaret Warner joined the panel in 1992, when Buchanan left the show to run for president in 1992. In 1993, Warner left the program to join PBS and was replaced by Margaret Carlson, and Kate O'Beirne replaced Charen when she moved to Capital Gang Sunday in 1995. Typically four of the commentators were featured along with a prominent public official from either party. Buchanan, O'Beirne, Charen and Novak were the conservative panelists, while Shields, Hunt, Warner and Carlson were the liberal commentators. The show debuted in the fall of 1988 and ran until CNN cancelled it in 2005. Capital Gang Sunday was hosted by James Glassman in the mid-1990s. It featured panelists Juan Williams, Howard Fineman, Ruth Conniff, James Warren, and Mona Charen. The show did not feature any guests and was more cerebral than combative, in contrast to the Saturday version. In 1998, it, too, was canceled, along with CNN's Sunday edition of Crossfire. The "Capital Gang" panellists appeared together again on NBC's Meet the Press with Tim Russert on February 17, 2008. With the Democratic nomination race still very much undecided, and the role of the so-called "superdelegates" in question, Hunt, Carlson, Shields, Novak and O'Beirne gathered to discuss the issues.

Capital Connection

Capital Connection is a television business news programme aired every weekday on various CNBC channels around the world. It is broadcast live from CNBC Asia's studios in Singapore and is anchoring by CNBC Asia's Chloe Cho and CNBC Europe's Carolin Roth. A third co-anchor, Yousef Gamal El-Din, joined the show from the network's newly opened Bahrain studio on 14 June 2010. Originally, this leg of the show was only featured from Monday to Thursday, but was later featured every weekday from February 2011 to November 2011, when the Bahrain leg was discontinued altogether. As a result, Capital Connection reverted to two continents. The programme debuted on 2007-03-26 as a result of significant schedule changes at both networks. Billed as "the bridge between Asia and Europe", the show airs from noon to 1pm Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan Time on CNBC Asia and from 6am to 7am CET on CNBC Europe. The broadcast also airs on the CNBC World channel in the United States weekdays from midnight to 1am ET.

Death Row: A History of Capital Punishment in America 2016

A Comprehensive Look at America's Most Controversial Punishment The death penalty in the United States is as old as the country itself, with roots to the original European settlements. During this time over 15,000 men and women have been executed, eventually spurring a heated debate about this ultimate punishment. Featuring interviews and commentary from leading criminal and sociology experts, this documentary takes an inside look at the origins of America's capital punishment laws, the methods of execution, and the faces of evil who have received the death sentence including Ted Bundy, Timothy McVeigh, and John Wayne Gacy. Also get a glimpse into the prison cells and lives of those who await their fate on Death Row.

Capital Scandal 2007

Capital Scandal is a 2007 South Korean television series starring Kang Ji-hwan, Han Ji-min, Ryu Jin and Han Go-eun. It aired on KBS2 from June 6 to August 2, 2007 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes. Based on Lee Sun-mi's novel Love Story in the Capital, the story juxtaposes the heroic anti-Japanese movement with young romance by depicting the capital Seoul of the 1930s during colonial rule, called "Gyeongseong". It was a time when the nation's independence fighters fought against pro-Japanese traitors, while traditional Joseon-era Confucian values clashed and coexisted with a more modern way of life. The series portrays one of the darkest periods of Korean history with a mixture of tragedy, comedy and romance.

Capital Master 2000

Liu Changyan is the son of Liu Jiuxian, the first division teacher in the capital. He has some cynicism, but his superior intelligence and his love for hugging injustice. He does not want to stick to his father's light and vows to rely solely on his own skill, The head teacher's name, known as the best teacher in the world. His father will be the daughter of an old friend, known as the first beauty of the capital of the Chu Chu promised Liu dialect, but Liu remarks on the gentle and beautiful Chu Jun not interested. And rebellious little princess rebellious do not fight, quietly started an affair. A secret leak of the court made their feelings have changed, the original small gentle is not the flesh and blood of the emperor, but the court official Oboi and the Queen's illegitimate daughter, due to the incident and involved in a number of major cases of Ao Bai, Liu weight Words adhere to their own principle of being a man, decided to track down the matter in the end, sad little gentleman who went out to be a nun.

Capitalism 2016

Capitalism has been the engine of unprecedented economic growth and social transformation. With the fall of the communist states and the triumph of "neo-liberalism", capitalism is by far the world's dominant ideology. But how much do we understand about how it originated, and what makes it work?

The Seven Deadly Sins 2014

The “Seven Deadly Sins”—a group of evil knights who conspired to overthrow the kingdom of Britannia—were said to have been eradicated by the Holy Knights, although some claim that they still live. Ten years later, the Holy Knights have staged a Coup d'état and assassinated the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. Elizabeth, the king's only daughter, sets out on a journey to find the “Seven Deadly Sins,” and to enlist their help in taking back the kingdom.

Seven Deadly Sins 2008

The series traces the history of the seven deadly sins, how they became part of religious doctrine, and looks at historical figures who have been the worst perpetrators of each. Each of the seven sins is explored, from their origins and nature, their opposing virtue, and their corresponding punishment.

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